Friday, September 3, 2010

It is Over - Summer That Is

Can You Feel It??? Summer is over. The air has changed as of this morning and we are no longer in a heat wave with high humidex. And yet I sit here at my computer, in my shop, with the door wide open to catch the breeze. And what else will I catch? Hopefully the sounds of airplanes flying in and out of the airport as they participate in the air show at the CNE. This is the last weekend of the CNE and thus the last weekend of summer. Already I have seen the Snowbirds arrive in perfect formation yesterday and this morning as I was driving in saw another formation of jets leaving the airport but not sure of their markings (Drew would know but he is not here). Very cool to be under this particular flight path. In past years I have seen (and heard) some pretty amazing air machines. All on my doorstep. Funny this - when we were in Florida the first 2 weeks of July, their was a mini airshow right on our beach. One day as we bobbed in the 86 degree water, the American jet precision team (name escapes me? Thunderbirds? Blue Angels?) flew over our heads and went out to sea and back a few times while waiting for the flyby at whatever function was going on. It was really neat. Also one day we had the Goodyear Blimp fly by. And daily there were helicopters, ultra light aircraft, small planes and we were also directly under the flight path for the Miami airport so lots of big planes coming and going - Drew was in heaven!
So today is Orientation Day for my lovely Hayley. She is down at the campus as we speak with her two friends from the studio - Alexia and Sierra - getting all the information and having a tour of the facility where she will be dancing and studying for the next 4 years. What an exciting time for them. And I am glad that there are the 3 of them. Its nice to have someone you know when you start something new. I predict they will become great friends in short order.