Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Day - First Time

Well, this should be interesting. I have been following a few blogs for a little while and am intrigued by their simplicity and human interest. They keep me in touch with a few people that I may not have the chance to keep up to date with otherwise. I am going to try and use this forum for many areas of my life. My life as a mom, wife, business owner, cottager, costumer, scrapbooker, miniaturist, etc. I hope to share funny tales of my day to day life, rememories of past moments and dreams for the future. Now where to start?

Perhaps I should start with my life as a Mom. I have 4 beautiful children: Tyler (30) engaged to beautiful Tess, living in a highrise condo nearby; Crystal-Ann Guindon (28) , married to Andre, going to University and living in Ottawa; Nicholas (Nick - 19) at home working for his Dad; and Hayley (17) in her last year of high school and my dancer. I guess you could also say I am a mom to a furkid known as GeorgiaBelle - a rowdy, sweet tempered 10 yr old Jack Russell.

Hayley - dancing through life
Nick - always smiling