Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Following Up on Bedroom Reno

Yes I know I said I would repost with new pics as soon as the rug was down.  However, I've been a tad busy with work.  I make dance costumes and this has been a particularly busy spring season. I haven't spent much time doing anything on the computer.  

And somehow I have reached over 5100 views!!  And I have a new follower - welcome Penny from Penny's Vintage Home.  She has an amazing blog.  Such a talented lady. I just discovered her blog recently and am flattered that she has decided to follow my little blog.  

There is so much going on in my life right now.  I have so many ideas for DIY projects that I may or may not get to this summer.  I am planning on visiting my 2 grandchildren in Ottawa next week for a few days.  Then a friend and I are off to Nova Scotia to visit family there (her aunt, my parents).  Should be an interesting road trip - ala Thelma and Louise - but without the cliff dive ending!!  And when I return July and August will be still ahead of us.  I LOVE the summer.

I've been playing around with crafts for awhile.  As you know I had a hideaway craft room in the basement.  http://flyngeorgiabelle-tutumuch.blogspot.ca/2011/03/my-hideaway-craft-space.html  I have moved everything upstairs into the front bedroom that was my daughters.  Wow what a difference that has made.  I love sitting in there (I'm there right now).  It's large and bright with south facing windows.  I have everything pretty much organized and didn't spend hardly any money on additional furniture or storage items.  Either I re-purposed, craigslist or bought components at Micheals at 40% off.  I will spend some time taking some pictures and do an updated craft room post soon. I'd also like to share some of the projects I've done.  Maybe I should figure this all out.  It seems to me I could be blogging quite a bit in the near future.

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