Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ok - Who turned Off the Heat

Just cause it is fall, and just cause it is October already does it have to be cold? And Wet?  Yuck.  Our parking lot at the shop is a complete and utter mudhole.  The one week paving job is now going on week 6 and we still have nothing but dirt - right up to the door now - no sidewalks even.  My carpet is a disaster, my car looks like it went off roading and I am weary of it.  And everyone is sick.  I have a cold and in my mini group (BEST) which was to meet last night, all but 1 person had cancelled due to sickness or other obligations popping up.  First time that has happened.  So I was hoping to get home fairly early and pop into bed with a nice neocitrin and  watch some educational TLC but no - HH called and asked to meet him at Home Depot for colour selection for the cottage bathroom.  So that took awhile.  And a new vanity light. Can't wait to see the finished product.  Next on my agenda for that room is finding a new mirror.

On the family side,  I am pleased to announce that my daughter is having a boy!  That is so nice for her and Andre.  Now the nursery planning is in full force.  Colours are mostly selected - we just have to pin down the fabrics.  I think my cricut will definitely be used and now I have to sit down and learn how to use the gypsy properly.  Why can't I get my head around that I really don't know.  Should be easy enough.  Others use it quite successfully so bring it on!  Maybe if I lay in bed with my neocitrin and my laptop and my gypsy I will figure it out.  Maybe...

My lovely ex-niece (does that make sense to you?) had a baby girl (Lola Jayne) just over a week ago.  I have to say she is probably one of the most precious little babies I have seen in awhile - ok I am a tad prejudice but it is true.  The ex-niece seems deliriously happy and I am so enjoying following her blog as she learns about being a mom for the first time.  I wish all three of them lots of love and joy.  The bonus to all of this is that my daughter lives in the same town as my ex-niece and they can go through all of this together and learn from each other.  That is a big bonding experience as anyone of us can attest to having kids at the same time as a close friend or family member really cements the relationship for always.  I was lucky as I had my own sister and a SIL having babies at the same time as me.  The order goes something like this SIL 1 girl in Jan., 2 months later my boy, 2 years later SIL 1 girl in Feb., Sister 1 girl in March, me 1 girl in June.  And in between my other SIL had a girl as well.  So between the 4 of us we had 9 kids in 4 years.  As both my sister and the other SIL had another baby roughly around the same time but 4 years after their first.  Confusing to you but it made for a lot of babies getting together at the cottage and family functions and they are all incredibly close cousins.  How wonderful that all is.  So I wish that for my daughter and her cousin.  Much closeness - forever!  Just a note - out of the nine babies - 3 are boys and the others are all girls - how about those odds.  I have added a few pics of my BB and 3 of her close cousins.  I will post more of the others when I can access those pics.

So I am feeling nostaligic and warm and cozy about babies and cousins and I guess that turned up the heat.  

TTYL - should be sewing.

Hayley & Tori fooling around 2004
Hayley & Jill 2008

Hayley & Lindsay 2008


  1. In Re your comment on the copic munkie blog... when I made my acrylic page, I punched it the same way I would have if I were going to bind it... but then I took scissors and snipped the punched edge on each punch so that it would lay over the bound pages, and be able to take it in and out.

  2. Thanks Rachel - and thanks for leaving some kind of comment on my blog - you are the first!