Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Has Arrived I Smell Turkey

Ok, so it is here. Fall. Without. A. Doubt. Crap I hate winter and it is just around the corner. How do people enjoy this time of year. Yeah the trees are heading towards beautiful but right now everything is just grey and blah and cold and wet. Yup, don't like that. But there is Halloween just there at the end of the month. Waiting. It is not like it was when the kids were small. You would anticipate Halloween. Plan costumes, sew costumes. Buy candy. Plan the pumpkin carving. Add to the Halloween decorations for the scary front porch. But now that the Beautiful Butterfly (BB) is 18, does it really matter any more? I feel like just sitting inside watching Rocky Horror Picture Show and having apple cider with a bit of kick to it and cuddling with my Handsome Hubby (HH) Let the door bell ring. Let the furkid go ballistic. I can enjoy that. I can get my head around that. Let's do that. But nope....BB will not let that happen. She still wants all the trimmings. Not that she helps or anything. Or even stays for the whole night and hand out candy - nope. Well I have 26 days to work up to that.

However, in the mean time we have Thanksgiving. Now thats a holiday - yeah right. Usually we spend it at our lovely cottage. What do we do there? We close up. And in between all that closing up entails I make a 20lb turkey with all the trimmings and try to figure how to get the left overs home. This year we are hoping to make it a big family weekend. My mom and dad are on their way here from their home in Nova Scotia to see BB get her diploma on Friday (why the h do they have to have that on a Friday at 1pm - cripes) and spend some time with the Tutu Much Family (TTMF). I am looking forward to seeing them - havent seen them in 1 year! Also my darling sister and her 2 kiddos will be joining us so the cottage will be full and happening. What a great idea right? Well throw BB's boyfriend into the mix and it suddenly gets complicated. He wants to spend turkey time with his family, BB wants to spend turkey time with his family & our family - which will be at the cottage. Coming from NS & Ottawa to see her get her diploma. And have Turkey. Not sure how this is all going to go down. Have 2 days to figure it out or convince BB to abandon said boyfriend to his family and join all of us at the cottage. Wish me luck!

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