Thursday, May 13, 2010

Almost There

Well it is getting realllly close to the end of the recital season (for me). All costumes for my big school are done and ready for pickup. Now I just have to clean up, put away, reorganize, pay bills, lay people off and then breathe. No wait... I still have 3 prom dresses to do! And a small order for 8 Elvis jumpsuits, and a Christian school play costumes and period costuming for a boat launching. So yikes, I guess I can't breathe yet.

I must say that this is the slowest recital season I have had in over 10 years. Why? More reusing of costumes from previous years? More use of street clothes? Perhaps. Hopefully this is just the end of that trend and next year will be bigger. Dont even want to look at the bottom line this year. And I hired 2 new girls anticipating having more orders and that didnt pan out. So what to do? I couldnt very well NOT hire them. I have had bad experiences in the past where I relied on one person and they - due to circumstances beyond their control - were unable to carry through. When my one returning sewer suggested she may not be able to work for me this year I panicked and placed an ad and had 2 great responders. Thinking I could just hire each one part time thus creating 1 full time position I hired them both but now I have 3 sewers and not enough work to go around. Live and learn. Good thing they are understanding! But I think that is where all my money has gone. Next year the prices will have to go up a bit I think. I did raise them some this year but still not enough. What a tough thing to work out.

I will keep you up to date on the prom dresses. My neice's is almost done to the fitting stage. She will be here Friday to try it on. Hope there is not too much to alter - keep your fingers crossed! And then I will begin Hayley's and Maddy's. Just got to pin Maddy down on a few details, like fabric!

Gotta go sew - ttyl!