Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How Far Behind Can I Get

Don't you find that you have all these great ideas running around in your brain and you think "wow I should blog about that.."
Or you see someone else blog about their decorating prowess and you think "hey maybe I can show what I've done..."
Or you read a fantastic blog about thrifting/furniture upcycling/painting/spring/summer/fall mantles and go " I'm going to join in on that..."
How do these busy bloggers get the determination and discipline to keep churning out their blogs on a nearly if not actually daily basis.  I find it all so fascinating.  I spend hours perusing their blogs.  I have so many favourites I wouldn't be able to prune down my list.  I love reading about their individual personal journeys, their triumphs and their travails.  I am drawn to the endless reservoir of talent out there.  I know many blogs start as a diary of sorts.  A way of dealing with life and sharing with others who don't judge but empathize.  I've read about divorces - planned and shockingly some that come out of the blue; the aftermath of suicide; someone dealing with cancer themselves or within their circle of friends and family; the death of a child.  But also all the wonderful happy things that happen to people out there, the adoption of a child or children; the birth of their first or one of their many children; moving; starting a new job; building a new home; starting a new marriage.  Each and every story moving, funny, sad.  I've laughed out loud (and tried to explain to my husband what the heck I find funny), I've cried, I've caught my breath in shock and I've prayed.  I believe in that.  That somehow by having us out here crying, laughing and praying for you somehow makes the whole world a smaller, friendlier, warmer and more loving place.
So where does my little blog fit in?  Yes I have travails, but after reading about someone elses - mine don't matter.  Yes I have funny stories I could share (and I will) but can I convey the funniness of them (yes thats a word - honest) in written format.  Is my mantle decor as awesome?  Are my home projects blog worthy?    I think maybe so.  Why not.  So I will not promise that I will blog daily, maybe weekly is a good goal.  Should I make that a goal?  How about I just start with all the things I was going to do over the summer but heck... it was a hell of a nice summer and I veged.  And read your blogs and I thank you.  Thank you for being awesome and allowing me to love you all.
Here's a pic of me doing what I did best this summer... vegging.

Talk soon!

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