Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is it Really Over??

Ok - So where the heck has summer gone. Yes I know we are having record temps but we are sitting on the cusp of September 2010. Gawd, that went wayyy too fast. So lets recap - did we do enough over the summer? I went to Florida for 12 days the beginning of July. When I returned I spent 2 weeks cleaning my shop. Yes it took two whole weeks and I cant really say it is done but thats the way it is. I know I will have some more time coming up and will tackle that jungle under neath the cutting table. Then we were at August and had 15 glorious days at our cottage. Did lots there - yup we did - swimming, drinking, golfing, swimming, drinking, eating, drinking. So that took some getting used to. Then the last few weeks have been a mix of family visits, working, back to the cottage, running my lovely daughter Hayley around and here we are - on the cusp of September.
Did anything spectacular happen over the summer (I would normally insert a question mark there but my keyboard is inserting this instead É - what the H É ) well lets see, my son & his fianceé have moved along in their wedding preps - booked the venue (Vegas - the Wynn) , she has picked her dress (nope not making it :( ) and thats great stuff. Also Hayley has completed all her requirements for entry to Ryerson (Performance Dance) and thats great. My husband`s aunt Joyce - who we loved so very dearly and had the cottage next to ours - passed away - not great at all - miss her lots! But the one very spectacular thing is - my daughter Crystal and her husband André are expecting. I am going to be a grandma. This is the best news of all. But how did i find out.. someone else told me cause Crystal and I - though it pains my heart - do not communicate. This is the way it has been for 15 years now. Whenever I try to bridge the gap something or someone slaps it back down. So yes this is all very exciting news for our family I just wish I could be excited and included. I want this grandbaby very much and already love it but will I be allowed to have any contact with her or him I do not know and that breaks my heart. I follow her cousin`s blog. She is expecting a little girl very soon - Sept 29th. And I so enjoy reading all about her ups and downs and the pics she posts of her growing belly and the plans they have made, the nursery and the baby party as she puts it are so delightful. I remember very well when Michelle Tiffany was born - such a big name for such a sweet little girl - I quickly nicknamed her Mimi. Her sister who followed was Didi (Danielle). I envy Lyne`s participation in this blessed event. Will I be able to have this too - I have 6 months to fix this but in my head I don`t believe it can be fixed. 15 years is a lot of water under the bridge. I have all my hopes pinned on this.