Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So finally we have begun the transformation of our bedroom.  Now that my youngest has moved out and in with her boyfriend we are taking advantage of having an unoccupied bedroom and moved all of our furniture into there.  First phase was ripping up the 27 yr old carpet and underlay. Along with the 200,000 staples.  I never realized how stupidly small my hands are until I had to use a pair of side cutters (? some kind of wrench thingy) to jab under the staple and wrench it out.  I had to use two hands!  So just picture me crawling on my knees pushing a wastepaper basket and using both hands to manipulate one little ol pair of side cutters.  Sad...truly sad.  But I did it and got the 500,000 staples out.   Next step, paint.  Stay tuned.

Here you can see the colour - I loved this red for a long time but it is time.  It was a Benjamin Moore colour - American Flag Red I think.

Ok this is so old - but you can see the deplorable carpet here - yuck.

Love ya

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