Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Almost There

Today I am seriously pooped. My lovely dancer has to be at school for 7am on Tues and Thurs for dance team - of which she is the captain. For some reason no matter what time I hit the sack the night before, getting up at 6 throws me all out of whack. Brain function is very low. Oh well - next year I wont have to worry about that anymore - I think I will really miss it!

This past weekend was her first competition of the season. Her pointe solo and her ballet group did very well. Although - never as well as she would like. She is sooo hard on herself. I guess that is why she is such a great dancer! This coming weekend is her first official competition in Salsa with her partner Kevin. She has been performing salsa for 6 years but has decided to start competing as well. Should be fun and a great opportunity for her and Kevin.

Nick is off to Calgary on Thursday. He has no sense of humour when I nicely suggested that he required more funds in order to pay first and last months rent when he got there. Am I wrong to think at 20 he should be thinking of moving out??? I am such a bad mom. Anyways, he will be visiting a friend and his 2 uncles and their families while he is there. Of course I am sure snowboarding is also on the agenda.

While he is away, my sister Kathy and my niece Lindsay are coming for 4 days. Lindsay wishes to have me make her prom dress so her and Hayley will be doing research/shopping while here. I am looking forward to spending time with the both of them, I will keep you posted on the dress research.

Over the course of this week I have 3 dance schools costumes to finish - that is why I am not good at keeping this blog up to date :(. I am sure you understand. One school I was sure I was finished but the jacket (dont we hate sewing jackets in lycra!) has issues and has to be addressed before the end of the day tomorrow. I also have Hayley's dance team and new salsa dress to be done by end of day Thursday. Yikes - I should be sewing - not blogging!

Signing off for now...

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